Peter joined Team Consulting in 2014 and is responsible for Team’s embedded systems design services, encompassing front-end systems engineering thinking and analysis on how to implement user requirements, as well as detailed electronics, software and algorithm development, verification and documentation.

“It is always exciting to develop better ways of solving real customer needs and problems. I enjoy seeing them solved for the first time and especially when any necessary complexities of technology involved are safely and successfully hidden away. Making the right system choices and understanding the maturity of the underlying components are the key skills to success in this. It is a great feeling to spot the opportunity to apply proven technology, techniques and components that have successfully solved quite different problems elsewhere in an open-innovation approach.”

Since studying engineering at the University of Oxford, Peter has acquired over 35 years’ experience in the electronic systems sector, including eight at Marconi Research as a research associate, nine in consulting at Sagentia as electronic systems skill group manager and 10 years in the defence and security sector within BAE systems as future systems manager. As well as product development, his experience includes management of strategic technology development programmes, technology road-mapping of future products and intellectual property management.

At Team he has worked on a diverse range of electronic systems developments including patch pumps, smart combination products, instrumented inhalers, ventilators and diagnostic devices at different stages of their development lifecycle. He also provides technical due diligence advice and system engineering support to clients.