Julian is HF Consulting Director at Team Consulting. Since our first significant user research project in 1999, he has been core to the development of our human factors engineering capability. Julian also takes an active role in understanding emerging FDA expectations/practices with regard to human factors, particularly as they apply to combination products.

During his time at Team, Julian has worked on a large number of drug delivery device development projects, particularly in the respiratory and parenteral sectors. He has fulfilled a range of consultancy roles for clients including facilitation, decision support, technical problem solving and, of course, user research/human factors.

Julian speaking at DDL27

“My work is about ensuring medical devices work in the hands of users. It draws on my interests in psychology, engineering and product development. I believe the HF methods we have available make usable medical devices achievable, provided that we pay attention to the human factor early enough in the innovation/ development process.”

“I feel that focus is important in HF for medical devices, as in product development generally. I believe we should focus on the basics of excellent usability, in order to produce safe and effective devices that meet the needs of our intended users. With the basics delivered flawlessly, we have a platform on which to build designs that delight them.”

Julian joined Team in 1998 and has degrees in both Mechanical Engineering (from the University of Cambridge) and Psychology. Prior to his current role, Julian worked as a design engineer and then as a consultant within an international innovation management practice.

Julian has been a regular presenter at international conferences on topics related to HFE, particularly of combination products and with a regulatory focus. He is a science advisor to the inhalation products industry group, IPAC-RS.

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