Harry’s work at Team involves applying human factors methodologies to eliminate use-related errors that may cause harm to the intended users, thereby creating safe and effective medical devices.

“Through my experience, I have recognised the importance of incorporating ergonomics and human factors principles into every stage of a product’s life cycle, especially in the early developmental stages, in order to create user-friendly products. Users being treated as an ‘afterthought’ should be a thing of the past.”

“I relish a challenge and am passionate about helping people, both of which I find working here. I take pride in witnessing first-hand how applying usability design improvements to a device (however small) can greatly benefit the user.”

Harry has a BSc in Ergonomics (Human Factors Design) from Loughborough University. During his degree, he completed a year in industry working as an ergonomist at Aston Martin Lagonda, which gave him insights into working within a multi-disciplinary team and how large scale companies operate. Harry wrote his final year dissertation on how age affects thermal sensitivity.

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