As a senior consultant at Team Consulting, Ed specialises in mechatronics using advanced sensors and the latest controllers to rapidly prototype and test designs.

“At Team I get to do what I love – essentially, playing with robots. We like to call these development platforms, which we use to solve complex problems. It’s great to be able to pull together my mechanical, electrical and software skills in an exciting way. When we present our solutions to clients, it’s rewarding to know that we’ve made a real difference.”

“One of the main things that motivates me is being able to solve problems and challenges. Both the atmosphere at Team and the amazing people I get to work with make my job really enjoyable.”

Prior to joining Team, Ed spent over 13 years in a range of industries, including offshore petrochemicals, architectural lighting and defence. He has a first-class Honours degree in Industrial Design Engineering from Brunel University London. Ed is also a former member of the Army Reserves serving within the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers.

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