Colin is responsible for business operations at Team ensuring safe, compliant and robust systems, resources and facilities.

“I am passionate about creating new products that help improve users’ lives. I feel privileged to work in an organisation developing truly meaningful products in a beautiful and inspiring location as part of an extended team, encompassing not only our designers and engineers, but also clients and suppliers. Together we thrive on solving challenging problems to achieve commercially viable medical devices. Above all I value the trust and respect that enables us to build lasting relationships.”

Colin joined Team in 1996 from a background in industrial design and has played a significant role in many award-winning design teams. He has extensive experience developing medical devices including pen and auto injectors, inhalers, diagnostic and ophthalmic instruments.

He has acted on the editorial board of Medical Device publications, spoken widely at professional conferences and universities on design methodologies, techniques and materials and served on judging panels for design competitions.