Charlie is a consultant within the mechanical engineering team. He has expertise in developing analytical studies in device development, as well as detailed design, designing for manufacture, developing test methods and reliability engineering. Charlie also has a special interest in sustainability, particularly in device development, using tools such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to assess a product’s environmental impact.

“Developing medical devices requires me to be thorough, understand risk and be detail oriented. This is what drew me to work in this sector and what I find most rewarding in my work.”

“Understanding our position within the value chain and having the breadth of knowledge to ensure a product is developed and also manufactured well, is what elevates engineering from a theoretical skillset to a real-world discipline. I find that collaborating across the board in a holistic and efficient manner leads to the superior insight-driven innovations and more robust solutions.”

Charlie has a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from Loughborough University and a MSc in Biomedical Engineering from University of Surrey. Before joining Team, Charlie spent a year working in Malaysia for Quartzelec, developing an innovative robotic inspection vehicle for power generator maintenance. During this time he worked in prototype fabrication, computer aided design and manufacturing processes as well as developing analytical and computational skills.