Ben heads up the MedTech business at Team. He has 20 years’ experience in the science, engineering and commercialisation of medical devices and diagnostics. He was trained in microbiology, immunology and virology before completing a PhD in Clinical Biochemistry.

Ben has worked for a number of medical device and diagnostic companies and worked with many of the world’s top 10 MD&D companies in a consultancy capacity including several operating companies within J&J in the US. Ben’s skills span the strategic and commercial with the technical and clinical.


The making of Convesaid: an innovative hemostat spray device

As well as his knowledge of biology and medicine, Ben brings first-hand knowledge of a wide breadth of science and engineering used to enable sensing and actuation in the new diagnostic, interventional and therapeutic products. He has developed products incorporating MEMS, magnetic resonance, advanced optics, fluidics and digital signal processing. He is a named inventor on multiple patents.

Ben is well grounded in the realities of verification and industrialisation. He has also spent considerable time observing clinical practice in ORs, cath labs and ICUs across the US and Europe which give him a keen appreciation of the need to obtain user feedback throughout all phases of product development.

“I’m passionate about developing new medical devices which can improve outcomes and help healthcare providers. I really enjoy the challenge of juggling clever new technologies with the realities of clinical practice, the requirements for regulatory approval and the demands to design products which can be manufactured cost effectively at scale. It’s an environment which simultaneously draws upon all your people skills, scientific understanding and engineering know-how.”

Ben was CEO of the Team spin-out company Alviol, he has spent time working on secondment for the venture capital firm Chord Capital, advising on its portfolio of biomedical investments and was formally a director of the vaccine company Immbio. Prior to joining Team he was acting head of the critical care and drug delivery group at Sagentia.