As Quality Engineer, Ana works with our project teams to ensure we follow our quality management system (QMS), procedures and processes. She provides guidance on implementation, and acts as an independent reviewer to cross check what has been produced against our QMS. Ana also works to refine our processes and address regulatory and quality management requirements.

“I’m involved in all projects across the board, anything that Quality touches (and it touches everything!); from preparing technical files for CE marking submission to reviewing processes and liaising with clients.”

“I came to medical devices five years ago because I wanted to use my experience to improve peoples’ health. As a Quality Engineer, there’s a lot of scope to have a positive impact on patient health through the devices we develop, which is something i’m really passionate about.”

Ana has a PhD in Information Systems, with a focus on researching how delivery of health information and support using online tools can impact health outcomes. She previously worked in IT consulting, looking at standards and QMS for information security. Ana comes from a medical device policy and medical robotics background, having worked at CMR before joining Team. She is also an ISO13485 certified auditor, and is currently working toward a medical device quality and regulatory qualification with the Sligo Institute.