Team and the NHS rally to advance surgical innovation

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Company update

Team is partnering with the Clinical Engineering Innovation (CEI) group at Cambridge University Hospitals to support the development of disruptive surgical devices. CEI aims to translate clinical insights into innovative medical technologies and will be working with Team at an upcoming workshop to foster innovation in the surgical field. The event will be hosted at Team’s Cambridgeshire offices, and will be attended by clinicians who have identified pioneering solutions and improvements to currently unmet surgical needs. Team’s years of experience in the medical devices field means that healthcare professionals from Cambridge University Hospitals will have the opportunity to receive technical, design and commercial support. By the end of the workshop, clinicians should have the necessary tools and advice to independently take their ideas forward. Team will discuss and select submitted ideas prior to the event, which is open to projects at all stages of development. Idea owners will be able to discuss their solutions freely and confidentially with Team’s experts to make the most out of this initiative. The workshop itself will see healthcare professionals present their projects to a group of Team engineers and designers, who will then work together to develop ideas further, consider feasibility and produce a roadmap. Iain Ansell, Head of Surgical, comments: “The aim of the event is to advance the ideas technically, get design input, provide advice for future developments and advance product concepts. We want clinicians to better understand the commercial context of the idea and have clear next steps for technical development and evaluation.” Iain-Ansell-Quote8 “CEI are looking forward to collaborating with Team to produce novel and creative design solutions.” – CEI team Healthcare professionals at Cambridge University Hospitals who are interested in participating should contact CEI by email or telephone.   Interested to know how this event went? Click here to read our article about our evening with CEI and NHS clinicians.