Paul Greenhalgh published in the IDSA’s Spring 2020 Innovation magazine

Team Consulting

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Newly published in the Spring 2020 issue of the IDSA’s journal, Innovation, Paul Greenhalgh’s new article discusses the growing emphasis on User Experience (UX) design in medical device development.

Innovation magazine is the award-winning quarterly publication of the Industrial Designers Society of America. Paul, Director of Design at Team Consulting, was asked to contribute to the special ‘Modern Medicine’ Spring 2020 edition. The issue explores in-depth the complex and shifting landscape of medical device design, including contributors from Abbott (M. Robert Garfield), Medtronic (Stephen Nelson and Danny Gelfman) and Microsoft Healthcare (Moni Wolf).

View of the Innovation magazine article on medical UX design

Paul’s article highlights the key factors contributing to the growing importance of UX design, in the context of a broader ‘digital healthcare revolution’. Paul said: “When I moved into medical device design back in the early 2000s, the focus was on developing technically robust products that were rigorously tested to ensure they’d survive their intended lifecycle… More recently, though, there has been a significant shift in focus to user experience – UX in the broadest sense.”

The IDSA journal is available to the public in Summer 2020, currently it is only available to IDSA members.