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We bring the learning, you bring the lunch! Join us from the 26 – 30 July for a week of 30 minute lunch and learn sessions, where we’ll be sharing our latest talks and insights.

Here’s the line up:

Monday 26th July

A risk-based approach to medical device selection

Why is due diligence key to successful device selection, and when is the ideal time to start the process​? In this talk, Mark Di Cioccio, Head of Quality Engineering, will discuss how to conduct a risk-based selection process​, as well as what factors to consider when choosing a device for your drug product.

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Tuesday 27th July

In vitro diagnostics, looking beyond the pandemic (roundtable)

What have we learned about diagnostics during the pandemic? Are new technologies emerging?  How will these learnings influence diagnostics in the future? Join Liz Thorn, Senior Diagnostics Consultant, for a roundtable discussion about the role of in vitro diagnostics in healthcare in the future.

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Wednesday 28th July

So you’re developing a new therapy? Four steps to selecting the ‘right’ device to deliver it

Four steps to selecting the right device for your new therapyHow can you make sure you’re on the right path to a successful development? Charlotte Harris, Head of Front End Innovation, will explain four steps you need to follow to select the ‘right’ device to deliver your new therapy, including aligning your stakeholders, defining your requirements, exploring your options and then assessing them.

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Thursday 29th July

What does it take to design a good digital experience in healthcare products?

Today, digital healthcare solutions will be viewed alongside leading consumer apps, so user expectations are set high.​ In this session, Ben Cox, Head of Digital Design, will discuss how to design a good digital experience for users, from effective onboarding to reducing friction for the user​.

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Friday 30th July

Future proofing your smart medical device

What future changes can be anticipated in medical device delivery? Considering technological developments to regulatory and medical changes, Peter Matthewson, Head of Electronic Engineering, explains why we need to design devices that can be updated and stand the test of time.

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