How do you design
a body-worn injector?

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Company update

Steve Augustyn, Team’s Head of Mechanical Engineering Group, answers that very question in his latest article. Published in OnDrugDelivery – a leading B2B publication covering drug delivery industry insights – Steve’s piece examines the key challenges and considerations for anyone embarking on a body worn injector development project.

Steve has worked in device development for over 20 years and, while his experience spans the full drug delivery product spectrum, his particular expertise lies in parenteral devices. He sits on the award-winning ISO/TC 84, a body of experts that develops standards for drug delivery devices and promotes patient safety and continuous improvement.

Steve said, “Team has years of experience designing and identifying the right body-worn injectors for clients and contributing our expertise to key industry committees. This article offers a distillation of some of the key things we have learned and will hopefully provide insight for anyone in the parenteral drug delivery space.”

Read Steve’s article below:

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