Agile and waterfall project management techniques in action with new leaders of department

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Company update

Barry Brewster and Carl Warren have been appointed as joint Heads of Project Management. Together they bring over 40 years’ combined experience in the field of scientific and medical device development. Their appointment follows Stella Wooder’s move to a new role as non-executive director and chair of the Board of Trustees. The project management group has grown rapidly in recent years, driven by increasing demand for project services and a growing number of larger projects. The group now consists of almost 15 talented and committed employees with varied backgrounds and extensive experience. The breadth and depth of knowledge within the group allows us to run the whole gamut of technologies and cover the full product lifecycle, from initial concept to industrialisation. barry-and-carl-bring-over-40-years-experience Commenting on the changes, Carl said, “This continued growth of the PM group underlines the value that both Team and our clients place on project management services. I’m excited to build on our successes, and look at new ways that we can continue to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.”

We caught up with Barry and Carl to find out more about their views on the changes and their plans looking forward into 2018 and beyond. BB – Barry Brewster CW – Carl Warren EH – Eleanor Hughes, asking the questions EH: What are you looking forward to in your new roles? BB: I’m looking forward to working with Carl, and bringing the group together – creating a stronger PM team identity as we’re quite dispersed throughout the business. CW: The opportunity to develop the Project Management group within Team, building on the successes that we’ve already had and really looking at new ways that we can continue to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. EH: Are you introducing anything new? CW: We’re looking at using agile methodologies for project delivery. Already a popular approach in software development, it’s now emerging as an accepted technique within the regulated medical device development world, and I think there’s a lot of opportunity to meet clients’ needs by adapting and applying those techniques. Agile methodologies allow for evolving requirements over time, and might provide advantages for projects when the requirements aren’t yet clearly defined. carl-warren-agile-methodologies-presentation EH: What are the plans for the group moving forward? CW: I think one of the areas that we’d particularly like to work on is disseminating some of the PM best practice from our dedicated PMs to those that do operate as a developer but also have project management responsibilities. Getting that best practice, knowledge and tips outside of the group will be great. BB: I agree, we’ve got various specialists in a number of areas, and we’d like to use that expertise as an example for others to follow. We also need to expand the group. We seem to have more and more projects and not quite enough PMs so that’s going to be interesting: acquiring new skills and inducting them into Team. I think there are exciting things to come!