World Listening Day

18 Jul 2013 2min read

Team Discussion

Multiple authors

Today is World Listening Day, which is all about raising awareness of acoustic ecology.

Reading about it made me think. Are we happy with the sounds that we, through our devices, are producing? I feel that sound is still an aspect of the patient experience which we, as an industry, do not always properly consider, design and engineer.

Take a device very close to Team’s heart – auto-injectors. We’ve worked with clients on plenty of them over the years. Do we produce injectors that sound explosive and violent? Could we produce dampened, gentle sounds?

If the subject is of interest to you then you might be interested in a piece that my colleague Natalie Scott wrote recently for our Insight magazine on the role that senses play with experience, which you can read here. One of my other colleagues, Chris Hurlstone, is currently writing a really fascinating article for Drug Development & Delivery on the subject of engineering the perfect click (which is due to appear in the October issue).

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