Why I love working in device testing at Team Consulting

15 Mar 2022 2min read

Team Consulting

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With growing client demand, our device testing group is always improving to provide the best comprehensive test and analysis solutions when developing medical devices. We sat down with our testing experts Thomas Nicholson, Joel Harle and Pip Luscher to find out what they enjoy about their roles and what they have gained from working at Team.

Thomas Nicholson

Thomas Nicholson,
Test Technician

“I enjoy issue resolution testing which is determining any problems with the devices, deciding how to resolve them and implementing design modifications. I’ve learnt that you can develop yourself every single day. If you want to learn and you want to develop, then Team is definitely the place to be.”

Joel Harle

Joel Harle,
Test Technician

“I love that you’re encouraged to have open discussions with people and I think that’s the best way to learn. There are situations where you’re in a room full of great minds, bouncing off ideas and trying to find innovative solutions to different problems. This role gives you the ability to develop your understanding of device testing, but also to take up responsibility within the department. So instead of just being a small cog in a huge machine, you’re playing multiple important roles within it.”

Pip Luscher

Pip Luscher,
Analytical Technician

“Working in the testing team offers me a variety of projects each day – from lab work to coding software, I might be carrying out verification testing, programming and testing client boards, or trying to get a test system working reliably through changing controller programs or creating changes to a rig’s Python scripts. I enjoy that we can work independently but also in a team because everyone is friendly and always willing to give help.”

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