What has sex got to do with Movember?

Thanks to a beer-induced joke between two mates in Australia back in 2003, Movember was born, and the slogan “Grow a Mo, save a Bro.” And so, November has become synonymous with the moustache.

The challenge is to grow a moustache for the duration of November, while collecting sponsorship money. The money raised by the Movember charity funds projects all over the world; tackling prostate and testicular cancer, while promoting men’s mental health and suicide prevention.

At Team, a reluctant number of us have joined the 5million+ ‘Mo Bros’. Together, we are changing the face of men’s health, quite literally.

But wait a minute… what has sex got to do with Movember? Aside from the negative impact of ‘the box car’ – my preferred style of Mo – on one’s sex life, conventional wisdom claims that just thinking about sex can make your tash grow quicker!

Everyone is different – and the internet will sell you all kinds of lotions to accelerate and thicken your Mo – but, on average, your moustache grows half an inch per month. Hair growth is coordinated by androgens (steroid hormones) which are made up primarily of testosterone and its derivative dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a ‘super’ testosterone. Androgens are the main regulators of human hair growth and also, paradoxically, male pattern baldness.

Whilst hair on the head grows without the presence of androgens, facial hair cannot grow without it. These androgens determine how fast your tash grows – more testosterone means faster growth. Genetics, exercise and diet aside (better-known influencers of testosterone levels), it’s known that even just thinking about sex can affect the production of tash-boosting testosterone.

Unfortunately for us Mo Bros, a recent study has shown that thinking about sex only increases testosterone levels in females – not males! Alas, if you want to end Movember with the ‘box car’ of your dreams, you need to hit the gym, eat and sleep well – rather than just sitting around thinking about sex.

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