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05 Feb 2015 4min read

Team Consulting

Company update

We are very happy to announce that we have won a prestigious GOOD DESIGN award for the Axis-D insulin pen that we designed for our client Haselmeier, a leading manufacturer of self-administered injection devices.

The Axis-D Injector was designed with a clear and easily understandable visual hierarchy. All features and functions disappear and defer to the critically-important dose window. Other pens on the market can confuse and distract users by providing additional information that is not clear, for example; some reveal numbers on the plunger when dialling a high dose and have superfluous design features that distract the user’s attention. The Haselmeier Axis-D Injector only exposes the selected dose in the dose window to prevent confusion. The characteristics of this dose window design attracts the user’s attention and elevates the dosing information to the top of the visual hierarchy. This is achieved through the use of a circular marker that aligns to the selected dose as it moves along a slotted window. The raised dose window, as well as the protruding clip on the removable cap, also act as important anti-roll features.


As the patient turns the ‘dose dialling knob’ on the end of the device, a knurled end grip provides tactile feedback for users so they can see and feel as their dose is increased or decreased. As they turn, the simple, uncluttered plunger is revealed and is then pushed down to deliver the correct amount of insulin, again with the appropriate level of feedback. Some users with dexterity challenges find it difficult to remove the cap on pens currently on the market. The resulting and unexpected jerking movements can lead to serious needle stick injury. The cap on Axis-D has been designed to be easy to open and then replace correctly. The angled edge of the cap and protruding clip mean that users can grip and twist the cap to open smoothly. For users with poor dexterity this twisting is a really simple but important feature. Each pharmaceutical client has its own requirements when it comes to branding and labelling, therefore the injector pen had to be designed in a way that enabled it to be customised by Haselmeier’s clients. The design team ensured that changing the style of cap, the colour of the pen itself or the labels could radically alter the look of the device without changing any of its safety-critical parts. The pen features a continuous curved surface for labelling, which provides greater flexibility for clients. Paul Greenhalgh, Director of Design at Team Consulting commented “the bar has already been set very high in this sector, so we focused on the way that we present dosing information to elevate the pen beyond existing medical products. This user focused approach has allowed us to create a pen that delivers an effortless user experience”. About the award Now in its 64th year, GOOD DESIGN is the oldest and the most prestigious Awards Program organized worldwide. Founded in Chicago in 1950 by the former MoMA curator Edgar KaufmannJr., together with such pioneers in modern design as Charles and Ray Eames, Russel Wright, George Nelson, and Eero Saarinen, GOOD DESIGN honors the yearly achievements of the best industrial and graphic designers and world manufacturers for their pursuit of extraordinary design excellence. More: https://chi-athenaeum.org/about-good-design.html

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