The making of Convesaid: a hemostat spray device

15 Mar 2018 2min read

Team Discussion

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We’ve developed countless medical devices in our 13th century barn, but much of what we do is confidential. So Convesaid is like a concept car for us, a non-confidential way to illustrate how we work and what device development actually looks like up close.

We saw that the existing products for hemostat delivery could be safer and more convenient, so we challenged the team to come up with something better. They came back with various ideas, one of which used the Coanda principle, where air follows a curved surface.

We ran some computer simulations, designed and built our first demonstrator – which worked brilliantly. The next challenge was to make it smaller – so more design work, prototyping and testing followed. The spray is almost like magic, it feels like air must be coming out, but it isn’t.

Next, we always get users to test prototypes. In this case we discovered people pulled the trigger before switching on the device. So now the trigger is only released when the device is running.

In a nutshell, Convesaid illustrates how we care about all aspects of development, from the clever new technology and engineering to the user experience and industrialisation. It’s how we work and how we think.

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