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15 Jun 2015 2min read

Team Consulting

Company update

We have completed the installation and commissioning of a new environmental laboratory. The work, undertaken by Airology Systems, represented significant internal investment with the aim of creating a state-of-the-art facility capable of the sort of tight in-lab environmental control often required for medical device testing.

The environmental control system specification of the lab was driven by the challenging temperature and humidity requirements in BS EN ISO 20072:2010 (25°C ± 2°C and 60% ± 5%RH), which is a key guidance document for Aerosol Drug Delivery Device (ADDD) Design Verification Testing (DVT). The system now in place was also chosen due to its inherent flexibility to be used across a wider range of in-lab conditions. Reflecting on the benefits of having this laboratory facility, Jamie Greenwood, our Laboratory Manager, commented that “the temperature and humidity requirements laid out by BS EN ISO 20072:2010 presented a real headache for testing facilities, ourselves included, to the extent where many would struggle to meet and maintain the specified ‘Standard Atmosphere’.” “As part of Team’s continued growth and presence in respiratory drug delivery, we identified the potential benefit of creating a facility that was able to reliably and demonstrably meet these requirements. In parallel with the environmental control system, we commissioned a complete re-fit of the lab and its furnishings to make sure it really ‘looked the part’ and became an appropriate facility for conducting cGMP-compliant test work.” This investment in facilities makes Team uniquely positioned to accommodate ADDD (and other device) DVT programs in this bespoke facility, with programs currently underway. new-climate-control-lab-2 lab-coats-must-be-worn new-climate-control-lab-3

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