Tackling the challenges of cloud-based medical devices

13 Jun 2022 1min read

In an article for ONdrugDelivery, Gabrielle Whitworth-Smith and Thomas Watts consider the various challenges of building cloud connectivity into your medical device platform, from how to decide which connection route best suits your device requirements, to cybersecurity risk management.

For the past few years, cloud connectivity has been creeping into every aspect of our lives, from doorbells to smart meters that track our energy usage. In the medical device and healthcare industry, cloud connectivity has the potential to unlock a wealth of benefits, both for the user and the manufacturer. Before you can begin, however, you first need to consider what you are trying to achieve and which technology best suits your needs. Building in cloud connectivity can also open up a host of cybersecurity challenges that need to be navigated, so it is important to be fully prepared for what this will involve when starting out on your development.

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ONdrugDelivery Article on Tackling the challenges of cloud connectivity

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