Sir Steve Redgrave recommends Revitive

13 Aug 2012 2min read

After over fifteen years in the business I still get that buzz when a product we’ve designed hits the shelves.

Today the Revitive IX™, which we designed for Actegy Health, hits the shelves of Boots stores across the UK. It will be assisted by TV and press advertising featuring five-time Olympian Sir Steve Redgrave.

Consumer medical is a fast-growing market sector driven by people taking a more active role in the management of their health. It presents a number of challenges in terms of product usability and increases the need for product appeal, as the end user ultimately has more choice. It also introduces a direct feedback loop for market preference – the sales figures.

As a result, aesthetics, features and form factor play a more important role in the buying decision, unlike drug delivery products where the end user often has little influence over what they are prescribed. Ultimately though it’s still a regulated medical product and the same development process needs to be in place to ensure a safe, robust and usable product.

At Team we believe in creating a product that not only delights the user the on first use but through its lifecycle, it doesn’t change for consumer medical products , but we need to pay careful attention to how the product will be promoted and positioned in the market. For Actegy and their Revitive, the product needs to be easily recognisable so that they can capitalise on their marketing investment in press and TV advertising.

They have signed up Sir Steve Redgrave as brand ambassador to promote the product in the UK which, coming off the back of the Olympics, should give the launch that extra boost. Plus it won the Red Dot Design Award 2012 and received great pre-launch market feedback. We’re now excited to see where it helps take the Actegy brand and to seeing it for the first time on the high street!

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