Respiratory drug delivery: then, now and soon

27 Apr 2020 2min read

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Brennan Miles explores the past, present and future of respiratory drug delivery in his new article published in OnDrugDelivery this month. The piece takes a look at how the industry has changed in recent decades and what its future might look like, covering topics such as sustainability, device regulation and formulation milestones.


Illustrated timeline of Respiratory Drug Delivery
30 years of respiratory drug delivery timeline. Click here to enlarge.

Brennan has worked on a broad range of surgical and drug delivery products including dry powder inhalers, injectors and ophthalmic devices for a wide variety of therapies. With over 12 years’ experience in medical device development, his expertise lies in respiratory drug delivery.

Brennan said: “Whilst it’s impossible to predict the future, it’s interesting to take a look back, explore how our industry has progressed over the last 30-plus years and consider what areas we are likely to focus on in the coming decades.”

Read the article in OnDrug Delivery here:

For more information on our work in the respiratory drug delivery space, read our case studies here.

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