Pharmaceutical packaging…the journey continues

Innovative pharmaceutical packaging (as in the outer packaging, the carton, the tertiary pack or the box – depending on your perspective) is being increasingly recognised as a way to add value by communicating coherent brand messages to positively affect the holistic patient experience. More consideration is now being given to the use of new packaging materials and new packaging formats. Plus, the perceived environmental impact of disposable drug packaging continues to be a hot topic in the user research that we are conducting for our clients (read our recent roundtable discussion on the topic of sustainability in medical devices).

There is, however, still quite a gap between the design of cartons that house our medication and those that house our cosmetics or consumer goods but it’s beginning to get smaller. A colleague recently stumbled across this article looking back at how pharmaceuticals were dispensed and packaged in the ‘old days’ to give an idea of how far we’ve already come.

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