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05 Feb 2015 2min read

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Company update

A great article that I almost missed, it makes a great case for studying patient engagement in your therapies, taking that feedback seriously and even measuring the degree of patient engagement engendered.

Freda Lewis-Hall, Pfizer’s chief medical officer talks about some of their key learnings from recent events. She talks about Exubera (which I have also talked about) and agrees that it was a good example of “…amazing science, incredible engineering, and true breakthrough frankly [it] did not resonate with patients and their lifestyle”.

She talks about non-traditional research approaches, which is great to hear, but the key change appears to be one of attitude: “How do you take the desire on the part of patients to be able to tell you what’s important to them?” she asks before giving examples of how Pfizer take the research to where the patient is; and how they’ve learned not to simply gather answers to Pfizer questions, but create opportunities for people to say what’s important to them.

That’s quite a change of mind set, and one we applaud. Read the full article on Life Science Leader.

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