Patient and doctor perspectives survey results published

18 Nov 2014 2min read

Team Consulting

Company update

We are very pleased to today publish the results from a survey we commissioned into the experiences and expectations of patients suffering from chronic conditions and specialist doctors treating patients with these chronic conditions.

Through the survey we captured the opinions of over 2,000 patients and 200 doctors in the UK and US and focused on the issues of trust, influence, confidence and concerns. We hope that the results of our survey will help to inform our clients and the wider industry. Given the growth of certain conditions like diabetes and COPD, the pressures on healthcare systems, the growth of the middle classes, the ageing population and the increasingly prevalence of obesity, we need to think about the challenges that lie ahead. A central component of this is to understand the view from the patients living with chronic conditions and who rely on the medical devices we design the most. We have already announced three findings from our report:


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