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07 Oct 2020 3min read

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Thorbjorg Petursdottir has been recognised in Góð samskipti’s list of 40 under 40 Icelandic rising stars around the world. Thorbjorg is part of our software and electronics engineering team and – while all of us at Team Consulting know the amazing work that she does – we’re so excited that it’s been made known in her home volcanic island nation.

Thorbjorg Petursdottir highlighted as the icelandic 40 under 40

The ‘40 under 40’ list hopes to draw attention to young Icelanders who are thriving as professionals in nations across the world and making their mark in their respective industries.

Before joining Team as a Graduate Software and Electronics Engineer in 2018, Thorbjorg graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics from Reykjavik University. She has a master’s in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London and, between her degrees, worked as a process engineer in manufacturing, failure analysis and regulatory projects for bionic lower limb prosthetics.

Here at Team, Thorbjorg has worked on a range of medical device development projects, with a particular focus on diagnostics. She works closely with clients to establish their requirements, develops automation tests for continuous software integration and provides hardware to support mechanical test rigs.

“I am honoured to be included in this impressive group of young Icelanders. While it can be challenging to be so far away from home, working and studying abroad has given me exciting opportunities. It has allowed me to work in a sector I’m passionate about and getting this unexpected recognition reminds me I’m on the right path.”
Thorbjorg Petursdottir

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