Optyse recognised as iconic

03 Feb 2012 2min read

Team Consulting

Company update

Team Consulting is delighted to announce that the Optyse, a low-cost ophthalmoscope which it designed and developed for Ophthalmos Ltd, has been identified as one of the most important products to have been designed in Cambridge in the last 40 years. The product will be included in the Design Icons: Cambridge Innovation Festival exhibition at Anglia Ruskin University (8-23 February) alongside 19 other iconic products from the region.

The Optyse was invented by retired surgeon Roger Armour who asked Team to help him turn his basic concept into a real product. What makes the Optyse so unique is that it delivers the same level of performance as other Ophthalmoscopes but without lenses. Without expensive and fragile lenses, the product is more resilient, reliable, portable and – importantly – cheaper. Healthcare professionals can now carry the Optyse with them without the need to calibrate before use and without the fear of breakage. The Tim Evans, director of Cambridge-based Think Product Design, was one of the design and industry experts on the panel: “We had a number of criteria for selecting the final products including innovation, market success and pure design aesthetics, but just as important was to select products that would interest a cross section of the population, so it was great to be able to put a hi-tech ophthalmoscope alongside the Evian water bottle.

The final 20 were selected from a shortlist of 90 products with 19 picked by a judging panel and a final product selected by the public. The event is being organised by Creative Front with funding from the UK’s Design Council.

For more information on what Team did for Ophthalmos Ltd, click here.

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