OptiNose signs pilot production deal with Team

24 Mar 2003 3min read

Team Consulting

Company update

OptiNose today announced at the Nasal Drug Delivery Conference in London that it has signed a pilot production deal for its Bi-Directional Delivery device. The announcement coincided with the company presenting new flow modelling data and clinical results on the technology at the conference.

According to CEO Helena Kyttari Djupesland, OptiNose is now entering an exciting phase of development. “Having secured further funding, we now also have the scientific and clinical justification to take our Bi-Directional technology forward. The pilot production deal we have signed with Team Consulting and the Tech Group will enable us to take advantage of growing interest from pharmaceutical companies. This interest reflects the widespread advantages and applications of the technology. Bi-Directional Technology is more effective than traditional spray pumps in reaching target areas, enables nose-to-brain delivery and offers a viable alternative to needle injection. Furthermore the technology can be used for both existing and new topical and systemic drugs, as well as vaccines. The project aims for device samples to be ready for the autumn.

OptiNose chose UK-based Team because of their particular strength and depth of expertise in the design and development of drug delivery devices, built over many years’ experience in pulmonary, nasal and parenteral projects. Andy Fry, Director: “At Team, we feel that nasal delivery is an important and promising route which has not, to date, received the attention it warrants. We believe that the OptiNose technology is the most exciting development in nasal drug delivery we have seen for a decade, and are delighted to be working with OptiNose to realise the potential of their ideas”.

The Tech Group, a global contract manufacturing company specialising in medical products, will collaborate with OptiNose and Team Consulting on the design of components and tooling for manufacture, so that the device parts are made reliably and economically with robust tooling and assembly systems and ensure the transfer into scale up production. Paul Flavell, Business Development Manager: “The Tech Group are delighted to have been selected as the device clearly demonstrates clinical benefits that should make it attractive to pharmaceutical companies. We look forward to participating in the project and contributing to OptiNose’s future success”.

The data presented at the conference showed the results of a deposition study involving a functional prototype which demonstrated one of the key benefits of OptiNose Bi-Directional technology – the elimination of the risk of lung inhalation. This was backed by nasal flow modelling data on particle size showing that Bi-Directional Technology is suitable for not only single-, but also duo- and multi-dosing. Finally interesting results from a Phase 1 clinical trial were presented.

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