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01 Feb 2023 4min read

Team Consulting

Company update

This year, we’re celebrating 37 years of Team Consulting and saying goodbye (for now) to one of
our founders.

Andy Fry is one of the 5 founders who formed Team in 1986. He built the company with an ethos of ‘honesty, decency and integrity’ which is still central to our core values today – it’s in our DNA. Since then, Team has grown from strength to strength, supporting over 300 employees throughout its history. Our clients range from innovative start-ups to global pharmacos and we’ve established ourselves as the “go to” experts for medical device development.

All of us at Team share the same goal from this delightful corner of Cambridgeshire: to help our clients change lives for the better by delivering world-class medical devices.

Celebrating Andy Fry

In December 2022, we held a celebration for Andy as he announced his retirement. Together, we reflected on the excellent projects Team has supported and how these innovative medical devices have helped patients across the globe. From novel point of care diagnostics, like LumiraDx to TympaHealth, changing the accessibility to hearing health to the market-leading emergency use injector pen.

In the early days, Andy worked on medical device development as an engineer and project manager. Over the years, he has since helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals, liaising on the part of Team, supporting the industry that means so much to him. He has been instrumental in leading new and improved international standards to guide the development of drug delivery devices, sitting at the top table with fellow experts on numerous ISO committees. He has presented at countless international conferences, often as a keynote speaker for the world’s leading device development specialists. Andy shares this knowledge for the good of the industry, always with Team’s values of collaboration and integrity in mind.

Andy set out to provide clients with a consultancy that has the in-house skills and expertise for a growing demand in drug delivery devices. Team has grown to over 140 employees and is Europe’s largest medical device consultancy, establishing our expertise in the development of devices in the surgical, diagnostics and MedTech, digital health and consumer health sectors.

andy fry laughing with rachel

“Sometimes it still seems like yesterday, but when I look around, I’m amazed by all of the brilliant, enthusiastic, innovative people in this, our beautiful, welcoming home.”

“I have never failed to be astounded by the technologies, devices and products that we develop. I’m just blown away by all that we’ve achieved together.” 

– Andy Fry, Founder

photo of people talking about design in the barn

Expanding to meet new challenges

While Andy Fry is taking a well-earned break, Team has been expanding its facilities and people to meet the needs of our clients.

Our newly built barns are designed with state-of-the-art lab equipment, innovative new workspaces and a whole new social hub for collaboration. To meet a growing client demand, we’ve also sourced a host of new talent, from expert engineers to designers from some of the world’s top industrial design firms. And we’re still growing. If you’re interested in joining an employee-owned trust with supportive values, look at our openings.

We’re proud of everything Andy started 37 years ago. Get in touch if you would like to see our beautiful offices, state-of-the-art labs or just have a darn good coffee (or a cuppa – we are in the UK) with any of our staff. We would love to show you round!

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