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19 Jun 2014 2min read

Team Consulting

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We’ve published the sixth issue of our twice yearly Insight magazine. In this issue, we continue to cover a variety of topics affecting medical device design and development, and a good proportion of this edition of Insight is focused on adherence.

Adherence is a big issue facing the industry and over the years we’ve been involved in helping to improve adherence or compliance through the work we do. There is no silver bullet unfortunately, but we think that there is scope to improve. At a global scale, if we can make some changes that can have a positive impact on adherence even by just a few percentage points, then we should do it. The temptation is often to look for sophisticated approaches and to overlook the simpler solutions, which we must avoid.latest-insight-issue-published My colleague Thomas Grant has conducted a short literature study on medical adherence to provide a really good overview of the topic and the latest research, while Martin Bontoft has written up the results of two patient interviews that he conducted. In his piece Martin looks at the ‘other stuff’ going on in the lives of patients and the impact this has on their ability and desire to follow doctor’s orders, highlighting the complex context that applies to medical devices. We hope you enjoy reading it.

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