Issue 11 of Insight magazine is available now

19 Jan 2017 4min read

Team Consulting

Company update

Our eleventh issue of Insight is now available. This 80s-themed issue celebrates Team’s 30th birthday by looking back at how we have changed as a consultancy since our foundation in 1986. You can request your free copy here.

In this edition, our Head of Project Management, Dr Stella Wooder, shares an article on the human senses, wondering whether a better understanding of these senses can be used to improve medical innovations and Head of Mechanical Engineering Group, Matt, asks whether ‘DIY’ medical devices are potential disasters waiting to happen, or whether they will drive the future of development?


Further features include an article by Dr Jess Fox, who writes how breakthroughs in T-Cell therapy are providing hope for leukemia patients, Steven shares his experiences about how getting your hands dirty is good for design, and Brennan looks into competition in the inhaler market, suggesting that getting your product right and first available is a challenging race. As we look back and compare how Team has changed since the 80s, you can read Tom’s article to learn more on how we’ve changed. We also explore how we can make things better; whether that’s Alexandra’s thoughts about better team-work or Rob’s article identifying 10 human factors study myths.

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