Insight magazine issue 9 now published

07 Jan 2016 1min read

Team Consulting

Company update

Insight magazine issue 9 is now available to read. In this issue, the articles cover a variety of topics looking at new medical devices, quality management systems, project managing and how people live with particular conditions.

One thing we noticed when getting ready to publish was that many of the articles point to the letter P. From people to patients, processes to projects, physics to products, and we’re sure there are plenty more.

Picking people and patients first, Charlotte Harris and Stella Wooder have both populated pieces that pose particular problems and pick possible projections. Ben Wicks pictures a promising future where gadgets permitted by clever physics have beaten cancer.

Thomas Irwin and Sandrine Cuney both pencil in portions of this periodical to posit thoughts about processes in our industry, from how quality systems are performing to how projects can be managed, including their personal and professional points of view.

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