Innovative approaches to dry powder inhalation presented by David Harris at DPI Symposium in Mumbai

29 Feb 2016 3min read

Team Consulting

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David Harris, Team Consulting’s Head of Respiratory Drug Delivery, is presenting on innovative approaches to dry power inhalation at a symposium in India on 1st March 2016. David’s presentation, ‘Dispersion, deagglomeration and aerosolisation – a particle’s perspective’, offers a scientific approach to the processes of carrier and non-carrier based powder in dry powder inhalation.

David introduces the challenging physics involved in dry powder inhaler development, with one example being the size of the particles which can be inhaled. Respirable particles are very small and this gets even more complicated when including the carrier and drug particle. If detaching the carrier would improve delivery but impact the energy required, how can we detach the drug from a lactose carrier? There are many successful natural systems to explore – sandstorms and moss reproductive systems to name two. But what can we learn? Are there any ways to improve inhalers?

Sphagnum moss aerosolisation Figure: Sphagnum moss aerosolisation

David’s presentation discusses how drug particles directly attached to the surface of the carrier particles are extremely difficult to detach using airflow or impact alone. He argues that if the drug particles are “somewhat attached” to the lactose carrier, it requires much less force and energy for successfully delivery. Looking at the actual airway path – swirling or cyclonic improves the efficiency through more chance of impact, and maximising the chance of deagglomeration could make for a more efficient inhaler. David has found some success by researching delivery systems, compression chambers, ergonomic design etc. but breakthroughs in the medical device industry haven’t left a real dent in the DPI devices sector, yet… Over the past five decades we have seen the gap close between respiratory drug delivery and the efficiency of its administration, so if we consider cleverly integrated approaches and innovative solutions we might tap into this sector’s locked potential and improve patient care in a sustainable and relevant way. If you are interested in receiving a copy of David’s presentation, please get in touch with us.

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