Harnessing the power of applied science in medical devices

21 Feb 2023 2min read

Team Consulting

Company update

Team Consulting has built its reputation developing successful and award-winning medical devices for clients. This often involves working at the intersect between engineering and applied science such as life science, acoustics and microfluidics. As Team continues to work on client projects requiring a large variety of expertise, we are delighted to announce that Laureline Mahe has been appointed to lead our dedicated applied science group.

With her background in bioengineering, biophysics and hands-on experience in the medical device industry, Laureline is leading a multidisciplinary group of scientists. The newly formed group ensures that Team continues to build trustworthy relationships with clients and develops exceptional devices.

“Having a dedicated applied science group helps reduce project development risks by reinforcing Team’s understanding of the fundamental principles underpinning medical devices in all our sectors of operation. It also increases our ability to seamlessly translate early-stage, benchtop designs and prototypes into optimised solutions to get clients’ devices to market faster and in a cost-effective manner. The team is incredibly talented and passionate, I cannot wait to see where this new venture takes us.” Laureline Mahe, Head of Applied Science, Team Consulting

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