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At Team Consulting, we thrive on helping MedTech start-ups realise their vision and create life-changing, commercially successful medical devices. Whether you are a start-up with an innovative idea or an investor backing a promising new company, here are four reasons you should get in touch with us at the MedTech Strategist Innovation Summit this April:

1. You need the skills for a full product development

We combine our expertise in front end innovation, industrial design, engineering, human factors, software and electronics, applied science, project management and device testing to provide you a full medical device development, from early concept through to commercial launch. Whatever stage you are at in your device development, our team of medical device experts are ready to help.

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2. You want a commercially successful product (and an award)

We’ve won at least one major industry award for our clients every year for the past ten years. We understand that medical device development isn’t just about producing a product that works, it’s about designing one your users will love.

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3. You'd like to work with a 100% medical focused team

Medical device design and development has been our focus for the past 35 years. We are one of the largest medical-only device consultancies in the world. Whether you are looking for a full-scale medical device development or need support with a specific challenge, we have the expertise you need.


4. You're looking for a strong partner to support your investment

Have you recently backed a company with a promising idea or technology? Many of our experts have worked in start-ups themselves and understand the pressures of backing an early-stage company. Speak to Team to find out how we can support your investments to turn their concepts into commercially successful devices.

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We could continue listing the reasons you should get in touch with Team, but we’d much prefer to tell you in person. Book a meeting with Steve Blatcher, Head of Early Stage MedTech and Liz Thorn, Head of Diagnostics, to kick start your award-winning device journey.

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