Five questions to ask when developing an inhalation device

13 May 2020 3min read

Team Consulting

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How do you develop the ‘right’ medical device? Charlotte Harris, Head of Front End Innovation at Team, shares her expertise on early-stage device development in her new article, published in the IPI Spring 2020 issue.

IPI is a globally-renowned publication covering research and technology innovations in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Charlotte’s piece shares valuable insights on how to make informed decisions early on in device development, to ensure you get on the path to a successful device that meets your commercial, user and technical requirements.

Charlotte is an experienced project manager and facilitator, guiding clients through difficult strategic decisions and encouraging creative thinking by facilitating innovation workshops.

“Spending time early on working out which is the right path will not only help avoid costly changes later in the programme, when the design is set and you have made significant investment, it can also determine the success of the project.”

As we’ve moved to working remotely, the majority of our Front End Innovation (FEI) activities have continued successfully. Decision support workshops, collaborative design research and ideation sessions are just a few examples of FEI assignments that we’ve undertaken remotely. Charlotte said, “We knew the desk-based activities such as Device selection and Technology scouting wouldn’t be affected, but even activities that we’d normally undertake face-to-face are working remarkably well.”

“I really enjoy helping clients work through those difficult early stages of a development programme where the requirements aren’t clear and different people have different objectives and opinions trying to pull the programme in one way or another. I love nothing more than getting people from all different parts of the business together in a room and help them find a way forward.”

Read Charlotte’s IPI article here, and get in touch to discuss how we can help in the early stages of your next project.

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