Engineers are going places

I’ve written about my engagement with education a number of times on this website. Lecturing the undergraduates at Loughborough University has become a regular fixture, but I’m also a school governor as I believe everyone has the right to an education that will unlock their potential. Lunchtime today found me in a computer science room at St Paul’s Catholic School in Milton Keynes, explaining to two groups of year 12 students why engineering offers such a fascinating and rewarding career.

I know just how important it is to fire ambition and enthusiasm in students

Many of the children at the school come from quite challenging backgrounds and as a school leader I know just how important it is to fire ambition and enthusiasm in students. My own parents were immigrants to this country, I attended the local comprehensive school and I was the first in my family to go to university. With this background I was keen to show the students that with ambition and determination you can achieve a job that you can take a great deal of pride in and put yourself in a position where you can make a real difference.

After showing many worthy slides on the products engineers and designers at Team create, I decided to show a couple of slides on what the rewards can be. The salary and career development slides were all well and good but one particular slide I showed the students caused their eyes to pop and smile of possibility spread across their faces. On the image below, the red dots are places I’ve been in the last eighteen months and the green dots are other notable destinations in my career. This included a year working in California and seven months in Hong Kong.


I’m sure that many people reading this post would have an atlas chart that would have more dots than a domino factory but it’s something that the students hadn’t considered. They didn’t realise that engineering is a career that can take you all around the world, working with diverse people on problems they can’t even imagine yet.

I hope that I’ve inspired some of those students to go for a career in engineering and in a few years it will be one of them standing in front of a class showing just how far their career has taken them.

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