Engineering: from roller coasters to medical devices

13 Jul 2018 3min read

Team Discussion

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We’ve got lots of bright sparks at Team, not least amongst our electronics engineers. Our squad of 5, Gabrielle, Gudrun, Cara, Rachel and Laureline, bring a range of experience across various disciplines to bear on client projects. 11 might be a magic number in football, but 5 works for us!

So what advice do our fab five have for aspiring electronics engineers?


Gabrielle: I have always enjoyed variety so when I chose a university degree, I wanted to study something which incorporated maths, biology and physics into one – biomedical engineering ticked all those boxes!

Rachel: Absolutely! Another thing about engineering is that it’s very broad so there isn’t an ‘engineer’ type. Even if you don’t think you’ll be an engineer, in the end it is an amazing springboard into many other careers. I didn’t fully appreciate how essential engineering is to every aspect of our lives until friends from my course began working on designing roller coasters and making rum in the Caribbean, which involves chemical engineering.

Cara: It isn’t just the traditional heavy engineering – there are lots of different ways engineers do awesome things in really important areas. I had no idea medical engineering was a thing until I went to university – and now it’s my career!

Laureline: No matter what clichés there may be about women in engineering, if you’re interested you should try it. Not only is it tremendous fun, it also gives you the skills to do pretty much whatever you want in life.

Gudrun: Working as an engineer includes a variety of challenges that feel rewarding to complete, so don’t be afraid to try! It’s hard work but with determination anyone can study engineering.

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