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05 Jan 2022 2min read

Team Consulting

Company update

In the midst of the initial COVID-19 outbreak, the UK Government asked Team Consulting to design an emergency ventilator to help support patients in hospital. The EVA 1.5 Emergency Ventilator Apparatus has now won a GOOD DESIGN award in recognition of its effective design and life-saving functions.

To this day we are still incredibly grateful for the collective efforts from all those involved in helping us to meet this challenge. Taking place at a time when little was known about the virus and cases were rapidly rising, the project team was given just six weeks to complete a medical device development that would usually take years. The project involved incredibly long hours and fast-paced innovations. The result – an effectively designed device ready to save lives.

The Good Design award is an internationally recognised mark of innovative design and quality. After the many long hours that went into this unprecedented development, we’re delighted that this life-saving device has received such recognition.

Steve Blatcher, EVA Project Manager

The Emergency Ventilator Apparatus (EVA 1.5) was designed to be accessible in the worst conditions on a COVID-19 ward, allowing healthcare professionals to easily use the device in highly stressful situations. Under normal circumstances, ventilators are used by intensive care nurses and intensivists, however we needed to create a device that could potentially be used by less experienced healthcare professionals if required. The device components also had to be sourced from UK suppliers where possible, to avoid supply chain shortages.

Working on the COVID-19 emergency ventilator

This was an unprecedented situation for medical device development, that called for fast innovation and pragmatic decisions following a risk-based approach. The project was a truly inspiring display of collaboration, commitment and effort from all involved. From our manufacturing partner Cogent Technologies to the dozens of suppliers that put in countless hours to provide us with the parts required, we’d like to thank everyone once again that supported us.

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