Dr Ben Wicks writes about haemostats in IPT Online

06 Sep 2018 2min read

Team Consulting

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Team’s Head of MedTech, Dr Ben Wicks, recently published an article in Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology Online (IPT Online) on the benefits of surgical haemostats. ‘Honing Haemostats’ reviews various haemostatic and sealing materials before discussing advances in new formulation and delivery technologies.

Minimally invasive surgeries rely on cameras, making these modern surgical tools dependent on a clear field of view. From absorbent or gelling materials to chemical glues, surgeons have a vast array of products at their disposal to manage bleeding and keep clear their field of view. Many of the haemostats either need to be reconstituted or diluted before use in the operating theatre. As time is crucial during surgery, formulation processes have improved, but better delivery methods should also be explored. The application of haemostat powders into a surgical wound is challenging. Like icing sugar it doesn’t easily flow and is difficult to direct. Having control over the flow of haemostat powder is crucial. Ben argues that clever advances in air-powered sprays provide control, safety and are suitable for minimally invasive surgery where a clear field of vision is key. Read it as a PDF Dr Ben Wicks has 20 years of experience in science, engineering and commercialisation of medical devices and diagnostics. He was trained in microbiology, immunology and virology before working for medical devices and diagnostic companies, including multinational MD&D companies. Dr Ben Wicks brings his strategic, commercial, technical and clinical skills to Team Consulting to develop cutting edge medical device solutions.

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