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Team Consulting is attending the Drug Delivery to the Lungs conference in Edinburgh and we’re looking forward to meeting friends from the industry to discuss the most recent innovations in respiratory drug delivery technologies. Keep an eye out for Chris Hurlstone, Andy Fry, Ian Vaughan, Brennan Miles, Charlotte Harris, and Charlie Lowndes to learn about how Team can solve your next medical device challenge.

New to Team? Why not read about some of our award-winning drug delivery work here?

Don’t miss Charlie Lowndes presenting a poster on the use of engineering analysis and simulation to guide and de-risk medical device development. Charlie will be drawing from his mechanical engineering experience to provide insights on how to effectively utilise engineering analysis methods, such as finite element analysis.

We have over 35 years of experience in assisting medical device development. Our drug delivery expertise spans projects such as the development of novel blister primary packaging  to enhance drug delivery performance, creating a consistent brand language across a family of inhalers and more!

We hope to see you at DDL to discuss how Team can tackle your drug delivery device challenges, perhaps over a glass of whiskey!

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