Darth Vadar and IFUs

02 Aug 2012 2min read

Thankfully I’ve never had to inject myself with medication, but I imagine particularly for those people who inject regularly, it’s not the nicest of experiences. For some people the mere thought of injecting themselves can fill them with dread; the pain of the injection, the faff of setting up the device; the feeling that their day is arranged around their injection regime – but of course, they have no option.

Then there are people who may only have to inject once in a ‘blue moon’ in response to an allergic reaction, where their life really could be in danger. For these people, it is difficult to comprehend the fear and panic they may feel at that moment in time as they try to work out or remember how their injection device works.

Therefore spare a thought for the soldiers who’d need to use the instructions shown in the image below to self-inject potentially lifesaving drugs in response to a chemical or biological attack. The image was taken by photographer Eric Lusito on a tour of an ex-Soviet military base in Mongolia. Just try to imagine, even though they’re highly skilled military personnel, the fear they must have felt as they tried to decipher the hand-drawn instructions, assemble the syringe and then inject following what would be a pretty traumatic event.


Just the graphical design of the instruction panel and the ‘Darth Vader’ lookalike figure is enough to fill most of us with dread; thankfully the instructions for use which Team Consulting develops are designed to be used by us mere mortals!

Image source:
– Image used with kind permission of Eric Lusito.

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