Award for NMT safety syringe

31 May 2010 1min read

Team Consulting

Company update

The NMT Safety Syringe has scooped both the New Product Design award and the Design Grand Prix at this year’s Scottish Design and Architecture Awards 2001, which recently took place in Glasgow.

Team Consulting worked with medical devices company NMT Group to develop the hypodermic safety syringe system, which offers protection against needlestick injury. The syringe features a patented retraction system to enable the needle to retract automatically into the plunger once the drug is delivered, significantly reducing the risk of exposure to used and potentially contaminated hypodermic needles.

Team designed the product for high volume manufacture and assembly. This also involved all the design, validation, risk analysis, tool proving and pilot manufacture.

The product is now being successfully marketed across the United States and Europe and continues to win design awards in recognition of its contribution to the medical field.

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