Assessing the Instron Semi-Automated Autoinjector Test System

11 Jul 2024 2min read

Team Consulting

Company update

Instron, a leading company in the materials testing industry, approached Team Consulting to assess their semi-automated autoinjector test system prior to public release.  

Designed for streamlined testing, the Instron Semi-Automated Autoinjector Testing System allows operators to complete multiple tests including cap removal force, actuation force, click detection, injection time, needle extension length, dose accuracy, and needle guard lockout, all in a matter of minutes. 

As experts in the field of autoinjector development and testing in accordance with ISO 11608, Team carried out a thorough assessment of the test system under different conditions, analysing key features including run time, temperature preconditioning and data collation. This also included challenging different aspects of the system, such as its click detection and safety features.

This Instron system shows great potential, improving the testing efficiency for typical autoinjector device configurations all the way from early-stage characterisation through to design verification and into product release

Sharlene Phillips, Head of Device Testing,
Team Consulting.

Overall, Team’s assessment found that the Instron Semi-Automated Autoinjector Testing System shows notable potential for enhanced usability, efficiency and robustness of autoinjector test systems for use across all aspects of design and development testing. 

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