Another Red Dot Award for Team Consulting!

08 Jul 2021 2min read

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A connected sensor Team Consulting designed to support the charity MiracleFeet in the treatment of clubfoot has been awarded a 2021 Red Dot Design Concept Award. Founded over 60 years ago, the award recognises the need to identify and celebrate outstanding new design concepts and innovations.

Clubfoot is one of the most common birth defects in the world, causing one or both feet to turn inward and upward in 1 in every 800 children. Team designed a low-cost, low-power onboard sensor, with connectivity via Bluetooth to a simple app, that fits discreetly into the charity MiracleFeet’s foot brace.


MiracleFeet foot brace

Team’s inexpensive, integrated solution provides an effective way to monitor and regulate how the vital foot braces are worn. The embedded sensor has the potential to allow remote monitoring of brace use and support effective intervention by clinicians and caregivers, who can ensure children receive the care they need.

Purple MiracleFeet foot brace

The connected sensor will also be paired with a mobile app designed to work with MiracleFeet’s existing cloud base, adding support for clinics without the need for a complex new system. This allows space for future development of an integrated system to further improve the treatment of clubfoot.

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