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29 Oct 2020 2min read

Team Consulting

Company update

In a new article published in issue 113 of ONdrugDeliveryAndy Fry and Steve Blatcher discuss how to prepare for mass vaccination in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The article explores both the need for widescale drug delivery and how needle-free injection technology could be a key part of the solution.


Andy Fry, founder of Team Consulting, has played a leading role in developing our drug delivery business. In his 34 year working history with Team, he has helped both multinational and start-up companies identify and develop the right parenteral delivery system for their drugs.

Andy said: “The COVID-19 pandemic requires a vaccination programme of unprecedented scale.  Technologies such as needle-free delivery could play a crucial role worldwide in enabling safe, effective and highly efficient vaccine delivery.”

Steve Blatcher joined Team’s commercial team in 2019 to help expand the company’s work in the MedTech space. With a particular focus on high-risk devices, his strategic business skills and background in engineering and biotechnology give him an aptitude for both managing technical projects and developing business opportunities.

Read the full article in ONdrugDelivery here:

For more information on Team’s drug delivery expertise, view our case studies here.

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