A Gold UX Design Award for a smart hearing health platform

08 Sep 2020 3min read

Team Consulting

Company update

The innovative Tympa System, developed in collaboration by TympaHealth and Team Consulting, has been awarded this years’ Gold UX Design Award (UXDA) by the International Design Centre Berlin (IDZ).


The UX Design Awards are an international competition for outstanding user experience which focus on the positive impact of people-centric solutions, concepts and research. The Tympa System has been selected as one of just two Gold Award winners, out of over 102 projects nominated by the UXDA Jury. Healthcare and MedTech devices were particularly prevalent in this years’ selection, receiving 11 of the 15 accolades awarded. Fellow nominees included the likes of Philips, Samsung, Zeiss and Siemens Healthcare.

The awards are organised by the IDZ, a leading institution for user centred design. Its members include more than two hundred design-oriented organisations, who work to design products, processes and services to meet real needs.

Smartphone enabled otoscope in use

The TympaSystem is a world-first all-in-one hearing assessment system. A portable smartphone-enabled otoscope with accompanying smartphone app; the device assists at every stage of hearing healthcare, from regular check ups, full ear examinations and hearing tests to safe wax removal with microsuction. Half a billion people in the world currently suffer from hearing loss and, whilst hearing can often be improved by simple ear wax removal, access to hearing services is disjointed. With this affordable, portable device – which can be used by both specialist and non-specialist professionals alike – TympaHealth are making successful diagnosis and treatment more accessible, and defining the future of hearing healthcare.

“The Tympa System is the worlds’ first all-in-one hearing assessment system. It allows you to see inside the ear at high-definition, perform safe intervention with wax removal and has a hearing screening assessment tool. All of that is pulled together in a digital hearing health record which can be shared to any location, to any specialist.” Krishan Ramdoo, CEO, TympaHealth Ltd.

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