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Tim Irish

04 Jan 2022 3min read

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At Team Consulting, part of our success comes from ensuring we have the best advice and guidance from industry leaders who share our vision. That’s why we’re excited to welcome Tim Irish to the team as our new non-executive board chairman, replacing former chairman Jerry Turner.

Tim Irish

Tim is an experienced chairman and non-executive director, who brings an immense wealth of experience to Team from his career in the life sciences and healthcare industries. He has worked for a variety of medical companies across the UK, Europe and US.  These have included large pharmacos including GSK and Philips, to a portfolio of relatively small VC-backed tech companies. For the past seven years he has also been Vice Chair and Senior Independent Director on the NICE board.

We sat down with Tim to find out why he’s supporting Team and what he hopes to achieve with us:

Why did you join Team’s board?

“Team’s employee-ownership intrigued me. Lots of boards have professional VCs around the table – at Team, the people are the beneficiaries. I’m interested in finding out how that makes Team different.  I’m also interested in looking strategically at where Team will go over the coming years. When I look at a new organisation, I think can I add value, can I help and will I enjoy working with them? Team ticked all those boxes.”

What do you hope to achieve with Team?

“It might sound strange, but my ultimate measure against myself is when I leave an organisation. Often, it’s less about financial development and growth, it’s about whether I’ve left behind a better team than when I started.”

What’s your vision for the future of Team?

“Looking at Team Consulting, it’s clear there are a number of different market segments to focus on. Team has a great franchise in drug delivery and a strong presence in MedTech, however it’s important we continue developing in adjacent sectors such as surgical and diagnostics as well. My role here is to think about what the world will look like 15 years from now and plan for that. We need to try and identify where we want to get to and ensure we have the best team to get us there. It’s about evolution, not revolution.”

What motivates you to do the work you do?

“I’ve had a rather eclectic career. Having started out in biochemistry in the mid-80s, I’ve worked in the life sciences industry for over 35 years. I have a keen interest in public policy, particularly identifying how to improve healthcare. As a professor at King’s College London, I lecture on finance and entrepreneurship. I also lecture at UCL on global health. I do what I do because I love it, and I’m lucky.”

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