Crafting exceptional user experiences for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals

UX and UI in harmony

Experience design

With deep understanding of users and their needs, we iteratively develop robust interaction flows to deliver effective and engaging user experiences.

Interface design

Through rigorous testing and informed creativity, we craft UI solutions for a diverse range of contexts and applications within the medical world.

Systems thinking

We take on digital and physical UX challenges to create a holistic design language for embedded hardware systems, connected devices and mobile apps.


Building better products

Coupling meticulous UX methodologies with elegant visual design allows us to develop seamless and intuitive interfaces, enhance usability and system performance, and subtly encourage behaviours to solve real problems.

Our cross-functional teams ensure the quality of experience that users have come to expect from consumer products but with the rigour of design for patient safety and regulated medical device development.

Our approach

We develop and communicate ideas based on insights gathered through research to users and clients, utilising a diverse set of approaches.

From product strategy and vision, through concept development, prototyping to specification and developer support, we collaborate cross-functionally with industrial design, human factors and engineering to understand the key technical and use-related issues.

We carefully consider every use scenario and micro-interaction in parallel with risk-based development activities. With the in-house skills to prototype apps and embedded interfaces, we rapidly iterate and test solutions prior to costly development.

When the design is optimised, we support implementation with functional requirements documentation, interactive design specification and prototypes to ensure design intent is realised.


Our capabilities

Contextual research

Strategic workshop

User journey mapping

Use case analysis and system mapping

Wireframes and interaction flows

Information design

UI design

Interactive prototyping and testing

UI assessment and optimisation

Motion and animation

Functional UI specification and style guides

Medical apps and embedded interfaces