We understand the science underpinning the products and technologies that our clients want to bring to market.

Applying science in two ways:

Creating new technology

Whether our clients have an unproven technology, drug or compound, or are looking for help in developing something from scratch, we can explore, analyse, prototype and test.

Technology strategy

We can help to develop commercialisation strategies for new technologies. Depending on the requirement, this can involve scouting, due diligence or advising on device selection.

Science from start to finish

Medical device design and development is a balancing act in which the underlying science has to deliver within constraints imposed by engineering, manufacturing, costs and usability.

As physical science underpins almost all of the medical device development work we do, gaining a good understanding early on improves the chances of achieving a successful product on time and to budget.

Our capabilities
Academic literature research



Molecular biology

Material science

Applied physics


Mathematical modelling analysis

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Finite element analysis (including temporal modelling) and algorithm development

Heat transfer and temperature control

Aerosol transport for dry powders and liquid sprays

Multiphase mixing and interactions

Dynamic mechanism modelling and multidimensional system modelling

Define, build and test

Review and interpretation of directives, industry guidance documents and best practice

Definition and refinement of design inputs

Test method and fixture design, development and validation

Proof-of-princple testing and characterisation

Design verification testing

Analysis and interpretation of data

Ability to work with biological (including human blood), chemical and pharmaceutical entities

Aerosol characterisation